- On the 6.4L It is not required to unplug or block-off the EGR system. The EGR system is already disabled in the tuning and will not function under any conditions. If desired, the entire EGR system can be unplugged, blocked-off or completely removed when running this tuner. On the 6.7L you must unplug the EGR system if not installing an EGR delete. Failing to do so may result in damage to your EGR system.

- On the 6.7L there is a UREA system that can be unplugged or removed completely. The UREA system may also be left plugged in with no ill effects.

- When running this tuner it is recommended that all sensors located in the factory exhaust system be unplugged from the electrical harnesses. These sensors can also be removed completely with the factory exhaust if desired. There are usually 3 EGT sensors and 1 pressure sensor on the 6.4L and 3 EGT sensors, 1 NOX sensor, 1 UREA Injector and 1 Pressure sensors on the 6.7L.